The Chatham Arch Neighborhood Foundation (CANF) was formed in September, 2000, to enable and manage neighborhood projects that can involve capital expenditure, including the installation of vintage-era street lighting and the creation and maintenance of Chatham Commons, the neighborhood pocket park at St. Clair and East streets.

The purpose of the foundation is:

  • To promote the preservation of the unique heritage of the area known as Chatham-Arch, an historic residential neighborhood, in Indianapolis, Indiana and to create a total urban environment with respect for the past developed and listed in the National Register of Historic Places;
  • To preserve and restore and replace its artifacts and historical items;
  • To preserve the historic and architectural character of the community through the acquisition and subsequent disposition of historically and/or architecturally significant properties subject to restrictive covenants designed to preserve their historical state for the benefit of the public;
  • To combat community deterioration, to promote the protection and enhancement of this historically and architecturally significant area and to otherwise lessen the burdens of the local, state and federal government;
  • To promote such other charitable purposes as may be from time to time permitted under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code; and
  • To solicit and collect funds by various lawful means, which funds, together with the income earned thereon, shall be used exclusively to accomplish the foregoing purposes.

CANF encourages tax-deductible contributions which serve to further neighborhood projects!

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